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New EP release by Atypeek music | september 2019


If "Dream-Jazz" was a  term that could be used to qualify a real pop genre as such, then without a doubt, this luminous Franco-German quartet would be rapidly identified as one of its gems.

OKIDOKI is undeniably a rare flower that breathes the narcotic mists of a singular musical odyssey into Space.
In a few words, the story began with a live concert for the programme "Summertime / France inter", directed by Elsa Boubil, the catalyser of their musical journey.
The road was to unfold, based on an original sound, under the watchful eye/benevolent gaze of musical mentors, both perceptible and imperceptible in their influence - Satie, Ravel, Art Zoyd, Nik Bärtsch, Gong, Harmonium, John Surman, Philip Glass, Terry Riley, Georges Delerue, but also Henry Gorecky, Kurt Weill, and even The Eurythmics ...

Their music is inhabited by the somewhat strange candor of old European children's tales or Topor's animations, the soft floating luminosity of Impressionism, the esthetic serenity of Japanese mythology...a fantasy...all of which are infused and distilled into the sound and esthetics of this fascinating combo, organic, cultured and solar...

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