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He was a largely self-taught musician, saxophonist-clarinettist and composer, his eclectic and open nature, his taste for encounters, and allowed him to feel at home in every universe. Author of always original and very personal music, his compositions bear the mark of a musician influenced by classical music and jazz combining the rigor of writing and soft experimental fantasy. Strongly inspired by the artistic current of the surrealists (Magritte, Bunuel, Svankmajer ...), his music is often imagery and imprint of poetry.


After an initial training of classical piano at the American School of Modern Music in Paris, the course of Frédéric Schadoroff crosses the routes of jazz and French song.
Holder of a degree in musicology, he is passionate about pedagogy and teaches at Music'Halle, the school of live music in Toulouse. He joined the Gilles Ramade team at the Pibrac Theater for several creations (the Barbier de Seville, Les Misérables and the West Side Story) and continued his journey with numerous stages and shows with Voix Express directed by Hervé Suhubiette. Later he met Catherine Vaniscotte and became his pianist-arranger in ZINZIN Store and on the show "Princesses oubliées or inconnues" (Naïve 2008).



Performed his musical training in different schools: the Antwerp Jazz Studio, the Brussels Conservatory and the Liège Conservatory; She studied jazz singing, guitar and improvisation.
She works / has worked as a singer with different formations and musicians of which:
Flat Earth Society (Peter Vermeersch), David Bovée, Theun Verbruggen, Bart Maris, Giovanni Barcella, Ben Sluis ...

Anja sings and plays guitar with her own musical projects, Wolke, Zwiebel, Seven Stumbling Poets. She uses ingredients of jazz, pop, song and improvisation to develop her very personal style.

These projects have taken him to Belgian national stages such as Middelheim, Blue Note, Brosella, Dranouter, Gaume Jazz, AB, Vooruit, and international: Germany, Austria, France, Holland, Switzerland, England, Norway, Burkina Faso, Niger.



'' The passion of the drums, that's all! ''. This passion is expressed in him from 1974. At the time, fan of Led Zeppelin, evolves from the hard rock to the progressive rock and arrives at the jazz.
In 1990, his six-month stay in Senegal, in Casamance, plunged him
Middle of percussion. From 1975 to 1985, he played with musicians Cape Verdeans, Cameroonians or Guineans in Paris, capital of music at that time. In 1995, he deepened knowledge of the djembe and Dun Dun with Mamady Keita.
In 2000, he integrated the quartet of Didier Labbé and the project Bazar Kumpania  creation with Turkish musicians.
Play in the Baraque Dance Company (Elisa Martin-Pradal) and in duo
With the accordionist Didier Dulieux (atypical ball). Since 2011 it is renewing With the rock playing in the group KestekopII.


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