SÖNG SÖNG, Polychrome Sounds from the Underground (Lin020)

- compilation of 14 titles

- 7 albums, 4 new releases in 2020

- Press & media contact: Vincent Aboucaya

 + 33 06 95 19 57 00 | dcdesign@laposte.net

- Distributor : Bandcamp / Allumés du jazz

This singular sound object, is a coloured Polaroid, fixing in time the creative effervescence of one of the best Avant-Jazz labels.

14 tracks, taken from the label's 2019 catalogue, which explore the vast territory of non-standard music, on the borders of Pop, Modern Jazz, Contemporary Classical and Minimalist Music, Ethnic Music...

Prestigious featurings (Mike Ladd, John Greaves, Kirilola...) ...

For an album much more organic and warm than intellectual, and singularly homogeneous from one end to the other.

Good listening, good reading!

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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