B i o g r a p h y

Largely self-taught musician, saxophonist-clarinettist then composer, his eclectic and open nature, his taste for meeting people, allow him to feel at home in all universes. Author of music that is always original and very personal, his compositions bear the mark of a musician influenced by classical music and jazz, combining rigorous writing and gentle experimental fantasy. Strongly inspired by the artistic current of the surrealists (Magritte, Bunuel, Svankmajer...), his music is often imaginative and full of poetry.

He currently composes for his Okidoki quartet and was a founding member of the Monkomarok and Lilliput orkestra. He produces soundtracks for shows, notably for the puppet company "Le clan des songes", composes for the audiovisual industry with several specialized labels and for sound illustration projects (Patrimoine en balade). He also works with Catherine Vaniscotte on several shows for young audiences, gives soundpainting workshops and has played with Didier Labbé on the film concert "Nuit blanche" or with Christine Wodrascka in the project "In C" around the composer Terry Riley.

He also plays in duo with pianist Marc Sarrazy and in Saxicola Rubi with saxophonist Dirk Vogeler. In 2016 he creates the photo-concert " Pyrénées, montagne magique " with Juliette Carlier and Frédéric Schadoroff, a project which becomes the starting point of the sextet Prima Kanta.

Since 2003 he also manages the label Linoleum, distributed by L'autre distribution.


All of its projects are grouped together at Les Arpenteurs.


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