Reviews of the album "Si tu regardes", April 2016

"Si tu regardes" is one of those nice surprises that animate the life of a music journalist: in
a bunch of discs received, we put it in a chain from which it will come out only with great difficulty. JAZZ NEWS

"The combinations of timbres (including Anja Kowalski's, which articulates a most voluptuous German) and the piano/saxophone combination here generate a sense of amplitude, long songs intermingled with arpeggios and harmonic palpitations of great richness." THE INROCKS

"The quartet finds the harmony of colours, the subtle alchemy that makes the dramaturgical tension tender, the expressive ardour. The music is carried by superb melodies, a lyricism, a plasticity, a phrasing, a bubbling, a real group sound, and the wide, round timbre, these deep lows of Laurent Rochelle's bass clarinet." Froggy's delight